Lapeer District Library

New Materials may be checked out for a period of three weeks. A book is renewable, unless on hold for another patron.

VideoVideos may be checked out for one week and renewed for one week, unless on hold for another patron. Limit of 5 new and 5 old DVDs per library card.

Most materials may be checked out for a period of three weeks. A book is renewable, unless on hold for another patron.

Items may be renewed online, by telephone, or in person at any Lapeer District Library location.


Holds may be placed on any items that are currently checked out.

Lapeer District Library materials will be held for 7 days for patrons. The length of time we hold items from other libraries varies based on the other libraries' circulation parameters.

Patrons picking up items on hold must use the library card that the items are reserved under.

Holds notices can be sent to your e-mail address or via telephone upon your request.

Items not available through our consortium (Valley Library Consortium), may be reserved through MeLCat, the statewide catalog system.

Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Materials:

Lapeer District Library does not charge for materials that are returned past the due date. Patrons are encouraged to return or renew items at or before the due date. Overdue items must be renewed or returned to borrow more material. There is a charge for lost and damaged materials.

Overdue notices can be sent to your e-mail address upon your request.

FIRST NOTICE of most materials is sent after the item is one week overdue.

FINAL NOTICE is sent on most materials after two weeks overdue.

Items approximately three weeks overdue will be given status of LOST. At this time a $2.00 processing fee per item will be charged. When an item goes to the status of LOST, patron may be referred to a COLLECTION AGENCY and an additional $10.00 plus the replacement cost of each book is added to the borrower's account.

If the library has not purchased a replacement for the lost item, and the item has been returned within six months of the lost status, the replacement cost of the item will be removed from the borrower's account. However, the $2.00 processing fee per item and the $10.00 collection agency fee will still be due. If you have paid for lost items, and they are found, they are your property; refunds will not occur.

Lost items borrowed from non LDL libraries are subject to the owning library's billing policies.

The library is not responsible for any equipment damage that may be caused by the use of library videos, audios, CDs, or DVDs.