Lapeer District Library

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Timeline of Lapeer District Library building project

December 15th, 2011- Financial Planning Study by Bob Raz, library consultant

January 29th, 2012- Front page article in The County Press: Library will ask for 10-year millage renewal (Raz report)
                                    p. 36-38 discussion of deAngeli space needs
                                    p. 45 recommend new library facility

January, 2014- Strategic plan goal is to investigate new larger facility

September, 2014- Bob Raz starts facility study

October 26th, 2014- The County Press: Library prepares to consider future needs; possible new larger building

April 16th, 2015- Facility study received by library board

April 22nd, 2015-  The County Press: Interest in Library good for our Future

May 17th, 2015- Special section The County Press: BEHIND the BOOKS; Library board to meet Monday to discuss future building plans

May 18th, 2015- First work session regarding new facility 

September 4th, 2015- Request for RFQ submissions sent to six Michigan architecture firms

September 11th, 2015- References checked for six firms

September 29th, 2015- All RFQs have been received

October 7th, 2015- Fitzgerald Structural Engineering assesses Irwin site

October 16th, 2015- RFPs sent to three firms:  c2ae, FTC&H and TMP

October 21st, 2015- Pre-RFP submission interviews

November 23rd, 2015- Completed RFPs received

December 12th, 2015- Three architecture firms interviewed

January 7th, 2016- White added as site to investigate for new building

January 7th, 2016- c2ae is chosen as the architecture firm *

January 15th, 2016- Architect, library director and facilities manager and board members tour White    

February 12th, 2016Architect brings structural engineer to assess White’s suitability

March 2nd, 2016- The County Press: Library considers E.T. White; Meeting set to discuss former school as building option

March 6th, 2016- The County Press: Library narrows search for new main branch to 3 locations

August 17th, 2016- The County Press: Input sought on library

August 22nd-25th, 2016- Executive Summary of the phone survey

August 24th, 2016- The County Press: Library's phone survey offers your voice on plans

August 28th, 2016 - The County Press: Support Library plans (soundoff)

October 2nd, 2016- The County Press: Decision: Build new library.

November 3rd, 2016- Charrette exercise

January 1st, 2017- The County Press: New building proposed to replace Marguerite deAngeli

March 5th, 2017- The County Press: New Library plans continue

March 16th, 2017- Lapeer Area Chamber of Commerce presentation

March 19th, 2017- The County Press: Library director pitches building plans at chamber event

April 5th, 2017- The County Press: Property purchased for new Library

April 19th-21st, 2017- Feasibility Survey Report

May 21st, 2017- The County Press: New Library to be on 2018 Ballot

June 4th, 2017- The County Press: Open Letter to the Community

November 9th, 2017 Architect's service area, collection and square footage comparison chart

November 11th, 2017 - The County Press: Community input sought for new Lapeer library

March 5th, 2018 - The County Press: New Library Building Proposal

March 7th, 2018 - The County Press: Lapeer officials support new Library proposal

March 11th, 2018 - The County Press: Follow the lead, support new library (Reader feedback)

April 11th, 2018The County Press: Fundraiser to benefit campaign to build a new central library

April 22nd, 2018The County Press: 'Optimistic' about the new library

May 6th, 2018 - The County Press: Millage for new main Lapeer library on Aug. 7 ballot

May 6th, 2018 - The County Press: Vote YES for a NEW Lapeer Library to host benefit spaghetti dinner Friday

June 10th, 2018 - The County Press: Reader Feedback: Benefits of modern library will enhance residents’ lives

June 17th, 2018 - The County Press: Libraries serve many different needs

June 24th, 2018 - The County Press: Proposals to appear on Aug. 7 ballot across Lapeer County

June 24th, 2018 - The County Press: Lapeer District Library seeks bond proposal for new building

June 24th, 2018 - The County Press: Reader Feedback: Don’t settle for average! / Vote ‘Yes’ for new library

July 4th, 2018 - The County Press: Support libraries for what they offer to community / New library is affordable

July 8th, 2018 - The County Press: Lapeer District Library to host information sessions on new building

July 8th, 2018 - The County Press: Don’t miss opportunity to cast vote Aug. 7

July 14th - Community Meeting 9:00 am at Lapeer Community Church

July 15th, 2018 - The County Press: ‘Give us a better library’

July 17th - Community Meeting 7:00 pm at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Otter Lake

July 18th, 2018 - The County Press: ‘Let’s get this done’ 

July 22nd, 2018 - The County Press: New library would be an asset to community

July 26th - Community Meeting 7:00 pm at Burnside Township Hall