Lapeer District Library

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Donations Policy

We sincerely appreciate gifts of any size.


The library accepts gifts of materials with the understanding that should we decide against adding the materials to our collection we reserve the right to do with them as we please.  Undoubtedly they will be put in a Friends book sale or given to Goodwill or some such organization.

If someone gives material in memory or tribute book plate will be placed in the front of the book indicating the name of the person honored.


In the case of  a memorial the family of the person being recognized will be notified of the names of all donors to the memorial fund and the total amount in the fund but individual donation amounts will not be included in the letter unless requested.

If the donor does not have the material but would like the Library to order it, that will be done.  A specific title is desirable but if not available, we will try to purchase something that would reflect the interests of the honored person and be satisfactory with the donor as well as the Library.

The Library does not assign a value to gift books, but it would be happy to provide an acknowledgement letter indicating the number and type of materials donated.